The Ultimate Financial Companion for Students
NuCash, the revolutionary fintech app designed exclusively for students to simplify and empower their financial management experience. India’s only zero-balance savings account with no fees
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Discover what we can offer
Immediate Bank Transfers
Say goodbye to waiting and hello to instant transactions, allowing you to manage your money without delays.
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Split Bills with ease
Experience financial management without the burden of fees. NuCash offers maintenance-free and transaction-fee-free services, ensuring you have complete control over your finances without any hidden costs.
Budgeting made easy
NuCash takes the hassle out of budgeting by providing a clear overview of income and expenses. Set spending limits for various categories like groceries, entertainment, and transportation, ensuring they stay on track.
Choose a date range
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Request Money
With NuCash, you can easily request money from friends, eliminating awkward conversations about splitting expenses. Whether it's for shared bills, group outings, or study materials, our app streamlines the process, ensuring you get what you're owed without any hassle.
Why should you choose NuCash?
India's student-first bank
Complete your KYC within the app with no hassle
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Banking with Human Support
Bank anytime with the added assurance of human assistance
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Zero Balance! No Questions Asked
No charges on non-maintenance of minimum balance
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Our Banking Partner
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Our Investment Partner
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Our Lending Partner
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And our users love us.
Here's what they have to say..
“NuCash will be a great savior for folks like me. I am looking forward to it help me manage all my banking and finances needs, all in one place.”
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Shsreosi Dey
IMT Ghaziabad
“I am glad that NuCash is coming to replace the long queues and long waiting hours in the bank with a ONE-Click solution. Excited and looking forward to it!”
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Ananya Nandan
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) Delhi
“We all know that digital is the way to go, and I feel NuCash will be a great initiative towards a paperless / contactless finance experience.”
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Suraj Gulati
IIM Shillong
“NuCash sounds very interesting to me, I hope we will learn how to manage our finances better and get a little freedom to with it.”
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Mehar Johal
UOW Australia
“It sounds like a one stop shop to me. All my finance needs in one app. I am excited to get the experience of it.”
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Rupali Babbar
IMT Ghaziabad
“I expect a more preemptive customer support service. I really don’t find got customer support services with many banks and even payments apps. I hope to see something on these lines from NuCash and if it does, it will do wonders for its customers.”
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Debadutta Dash
PGDM – Marketing, IMT Ghaziabad
“If NuCash helps me learn how to manage my finances at a click of a button I am all for it.”
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Karan Sehgal
IIM Rohtak
The Ultimate Financial Companion for Students
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