Beyond Netflix: Streaming Services Popular Among College Students in Mumbai
Students of HR College reveal which ones they subscribe to and why.
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As a part of our ongoing student series blog articles, we spoke to students from HR College Mumbai to get a glimpse into the streaming services they pay for. With a plethora of streaming services available today, it's interesting to see which ones are most popular among the younger demographic.

While some students were avid users of streaming services like Netflix and Hotstar, others prioritized their studies and didn't use any entertainment services at all.Read on to find out what they have to say.

Gungun Vishnani 19, SY BCom

"Netflix is the most entertaining platform for me because I can watch my favourite web series, Friends, which is amazing, and there are many more movies and shows available as well." –Gungun

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Pakshal Modi 19, SY BCom

"I pay for a Hotstar subscription because it caters to my interests in sports and series, as well as my family's preference for TV serials." – Pakshal

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Ansh Jain ,20, TYBAF

“I don't pay for entertainment services as I usually spend my time studying for my CA right now.” - Ansh

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Harsh Singhvi, 21, Bcom + CS

“Earlier, I used to pay for Netflix monthly. However, due to my busy schedule of studies, I didn't have time to watch. Currently, I have a Disney Hotstar subscription that came free with my Airtel recharge. Sometimes, I watch web series and movies on it.” - Harsh

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Saanchi Sanghvi,19, SYBFM

"I prefer spending my money on Netflix as it is the ultimate entertainment app for me. While Amazon Prime and Hotstar are good, Netflix stands out as the best."- Saanchi

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Arth Jain,17, SYJC

“I used to subscribe to Prime, but I haven't used any streaming service in the last month due to my studies. Once my exams are over, I plan to resume my subscription.” - Arth

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