Money Making Memories: College Students Share Their First-Ever Earning Stories
From trading stocks to teaching Bharatanatyam: Diverse stories of student entrepreneurship
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For college students, making their first buck is often a defining moment that sets them on the path to financial independence and self-discovery. From taking up tutoring jobs to pursuing their creative passions, there are numerous ways in which students earn their first income.

Continuing with our student series, we spoke to six college students from Mumbai to hear their stories of making their first buck. From taking up tutoring jobs to pursuing creative passions, there are numerous ways in which students can make their first earnings. In this article, we bring you the inspiring stories of these young entrepreneurs who share their personal experiences of earning their first income.

Yesha Chandan, 19, Second Year Student

“I took tuitions and earned a couple of Rs 2000-3000 back then. That's when I started earning my own money. I have been giving tuitions for about 2 years now.” – Yesha

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Hussena Beguwala, 18, First Year Student

“ I earned something for the first time by doing makeup for a small photoshoot for my aunt. I earned two thousand rupees.” – Hussena

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Tanish Gupta,18, First Year Student

“I made my first buck by trading in the stock market. It was a risky one, and I made about ₹100 at that time.” - Tanish

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Sahil Bihani, 18, First Year Student

“I really wanted to get an internship so I started asking around – mostly friends, family and neighbours. And one fine day, my neighbour approached me to work under him. I worked for about one and half months, and that’s how I made my first earning of Rs 4500.” - Sahil

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Krisha Dosani,18, First Year Student

“I earned my first buck last year by teaching Bharatanatyam to 15 students. The fee I charged each student was Rs. 4000 per month." - Krishna

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Parv Sheth,18, first Year Student

“The first time I ever made money on my own was through a cooking competition. I came 2nd, and won a cash prize of Rs 1000. It was an amazing experience!” – Parv

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