Student Financial Goals: A Glimpse into What They Are Saving Up to Purchase
From pianos to designer bags: A closer look at the diverse financial goals of students, featuring real-life saving strategies.
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Welcome to another edition of our student series, where we delve into the lifestyle and financial habits of students. In this edition, we'll be taking a closer look at the financial goals of students. Saving money is an essential life skill, and for students, it can be a valuable lesson that can help them achieve their dreams. Whether it's for further education, travel, or a long-awaited purchase, having a savings goal can motivate and inspire students to work towards their financial aspirations.

Join us as we explore what some students are saving up for and how much they need to reach their goals. From practical necessities to luxurious items, their diverse range of savings goals offers insight into their financial priorities and aspirations. Let's dive in and see what our student series participants are working towards financially.

Krishna Vijaykar, 19, Taking a gap year

“Yes, I am saving up to buy a professional piano. I’m going to Germany next year for further studies, so I am planning to buy a piano so that I can play there. I just love playing piano. The piano will cost me around ₹ 1.5 lakh.” – Krishna

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Fatimah Ganatra, 19, First Year Student

““Yes, I am saving up for a designer bag. It will definitely cost me a hell lot of money - nearly ₹ 10-15K. But ever since I saw that Gucci bag online, I decided to save up for it, and buy with my own savings. I have managed to put aside about ₹760 every week - from the tuition fees I get.” – Fatimah

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Prapti Lohana,18, First Year Student

““Yes, I am saving money from my pocket money to buy myself a Fire-Boltt smart watch which costs around ₹3,000. I save 20% of my total pocket money every month.” ” - Prapti

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Dheer Ostwal, 18, First Year Student

“Yes, I have been saving for an iPhone and a new scooter. A new iPhone (the one I want is iPhone 11 or 12) ranges between 50,000 to 60,000 INR. The new scooter will cost me around 80,000 INR. It’s a lot of money, but I wish to buy these two things with my own money. I’m okay if it takes me 2-3 years to get a scooter of my own.” - Dheer

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Kush Porwal,16, FYJC

“I am currently saving up to buy a nice acoustic guitar. It’s a Yamaha, and will probably cost me around ₹14-15K.” - Kush

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