Taking the Leap: From Engineering to Entrepreneurship - Ashit Joshi, Founder of NuCash
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- Ashit Joshi
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I am excited to be writing my first ever blog post and to share with you my journey as a tech founder and the story behind the creation of NuCash. I was recently overwhelmed by the kindness of my old school teacher, who shared my story on the school's alumni Facebook group, which inspired me to share my vision and motivation for starting NuCash with all of you. As we gear up for the launch, I hope you will join me in this exciting journey and find inspiration in my story.

My Beginnings as an Engineering Student in SVIT, Vasad

Since my childhood, I was always taught to be curious. This curiosity became a part of my core personality but it did not end there, I also enjoy solving problems.

I never knew that these personality traits of mine will bring me to the world of computers in my professional life. I finished my bachelors in computer engineering from SVIT, Vasad in 2003 and moved to the USA for further studies where I finished my Masters in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University.

My Dream Journey with Chegg .com

I had a dream journey in my professional life where I joined a very early stage start up called Chegg .com where I was the founding member. I joined as a software engineer and ended up being with the company for 11 years and saw my career grow over that journey. In 2018 I left the company as a VP of Engineering and a dream run of successful IPO and seeing the company grow from 6 employees to 800+ employees and from no revenue to 300M+ revenue.

Founder CEO of NuCash - Ashit Joshi

I continued to go with my gut feeling and joined Altruist, an early stage fintech start up based out of Santa Monica as the 3rd employee and the founding CTO. Had a dream run over the two years of employment but that 2 years of experience prepared me for my current and hopefully last venture as a Founder and CEO of India focused NeoBank - NuCash.money https://nucash.money/

NuCash : Close to Home. Close to Heart

Through NuCash, we are building a better banking experience for college students without charging them ridiculous fees like a private sector bank would. We want to remove the stress from finance and money management for students by bringing transparency and convenience to the students in managing their finance.

At NuCash, we're empowering young people to take control of their finances through our comprehensive digital financial ecosystem, which includes banking, investment, and short-term credit services. Our mission is to make finance simple, friendly, and accessible for the next generation. NuCash is within days or week of launching the product and I can’t wait to bring this product to the students in India.

It was a humbling experience to write about myself and my career but thanks to the constant motivation from Nima Mankar madam, I was able to pen it down. I’ll leave with this line from the "Steve Jobs" commencement speech in 2005 for students at Stanford but with a slight twist: "Stay hungry, Stay foolish --- but always be humble."

Follow on our socials @nucash_money for news of our launch. Connect with me personally on my twitter @joshiashit or LinkedIn.

Founder CEO of NuCash - Ashit Joshi


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