Ultimate guide to take advantage of HRA -pay rent to parents
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- Swati Tripathi
- 2022-12-10
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HRA is used by many people as an effective tax-saving tool, even for those who do not live in rental housing. For the same reasons as tax savings, people often wonder if they can save money by paying rent to their parents. You can get the HRA tax credit for paying rent to your parents, but the rent must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the deduction.

All employees are granted a Housing Allowance (HRA) as compensation as specified in their contract with the company. If a person lives in a house they do not own and pays rent to the owner; the government allows a tax deduction for that rent under Section 10 (13A). Living in a rented house and paying monthly rent can save tax under the HRA.

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What exactly is HRA?

Housing Rent Aid (HRA) is provided by businesses to help employees reduce the cost of owning a home. Employee benefits are an integral part of salaries. Employees and freelancers alike can use HRA.

HRA allowances may be deducted from gross income before determining gross taxable income. This allows employees to save tax. However, remember that if the employee lives at home or does not pay rent, the HRA received from her employer is fully taxable.

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Regularly Paid Employees Regulation

Regulation 2A of the Income Tax Regulation is based on subsection 10(13A) of the Income Tax Act. Therefore, there are rules for how to submit an HRA. For example, a self-employed person is exempt from her HRA exemption but receives tax benefits under Section 80GG ESTG.

Income Tax Act Provisions Regarding HRA

Under the Income Tax Act, an individual of legal age, i.e., 18 years of age or older, independent of parents, and legally separate taxpayer. Since income calculations are different for each income, the HRA amount will also differ. Conditions you must meet to apply for HRA tax exemption if you live in your family home

HRA assessment factors to consider:

  • Salary
  • Rent payment
  • Current place of residence

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Points Considerations When Paying Rent to Parents

  • Ownership of Home

Parents must be the sole owners of the home for the rent to be deductible. One of her parents can be the sole owner, but you must not be involved in owning the home. You must remember that you are not entitled to a tax credit for rent paid to yourself and must not be a co-owner of the home. To do so, you must pay your parent's regular rent. You can transfer the rental amount to your parent's bank account or pay by writing your salary.

  • Rent Receipts

It is common practice for employers to request rent receipts when claiming an HRA. To do this, simply ask your parents to provide you with a rent receipt for the amount you paid for rent or a bank statement showing a transfer to your parents' bank account. Once these are collected, these receipts can be submitted to the relevant departments to request an HRA.

  • Your Parents Must Pay Taxes on Rental Income

Remember that your parents are entitled to pay taxes on the amount you pay as rent. This income falls under "homeownership income" and is included in the parent's taxable income. But the nice thing about this process is that parents can claim these property taxes. This is paid together with a standard deduction of 30% from this rental income.

  • Tax savings for the whole family

By paying rent to parents, the whole family can save on taxes. Your parents can save on property taxes by adding the 30% standard deduction they already receive. If their total taxable income is less than yours, they will be classified at a lower tax rate, resulting in a lower total tax you pay as a family. He is exempted only up to Rs 2.5 lakh for paying taxes, but if his parents are over 60, he is exempted up to Rs 3 lakh, and if his parents are over 80, he is exempted to Rs 5 lakh.

The HRA amount that can be claimed as a deduction is the lesser of -Metropolitan Areas Rent Payment (-) 10% of the salary

Required Documents for Application for Apartment Rent

  • Subsidy Rent Receipt if the rent exceeds INR 3,000 per month.
  • PAN of the landlord is needed if the rent exceeds 1 rack/year.

Rent Payment to Wife:

According to the ruling, if your wife's income tax return said she was a doctor who had the means to buy a house in that case, you are eligible for an HRA exemption if you pay monthly rent and receive receipts. However, you cannot claim this accrual because if the wife is not earning, her husband and wife's income will be seized.

HR Policies and Procedures

  • HRA for an individual not residing in a "big city" such as Mumbai or Chennai is calculated at 40% of his primary income, whereas her HRA is calculated at 50% of his. Their base salary. No payment to the landlord is required to receive
  • Rent paid to their parents may count toward her HRA waiver if the renter provides the required documentation.
  • You cannot simply show that you are paying your spouse's rent and are circumventing the HRA rules. According to the tax office, this is illegal.
  • You must provide proof of payment with rental receipts to claim tax exemption.
  • Without a PAN card number (rental income), the landlord's property tax deduction of rental income is impossible.
  • Legal right to demand PAN number from the landlord if the annual rent exceeds her INR 100,000. An individual who receives a
  • HRA and is also a homeowner must pay income tax.

The 2020 federal budget includes not one but two income tax plans. The HRA deduction is no longer accessible under the current tax system. However, the HRA is still deductible under the old income tax schedule.


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