Planning to Study Abroad? Don't Forget this To-Do List
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Personal Finance
- Swati Tripathi
- 2022-12-10
- 03 min read
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When you choose to pursue your higher education abroad, you take a giant leap into the future. It brings with it exciting opportunities and experiences you look forward to. Notably, it is also a significant milestone in establishing an independent lifestyle.

That life is charming. But it also comes with its whims. Self-reliance is taking charge of everything from scratch, which can be particularly challenging when you have been around family and people to help you with it all your life.

People here and there suggest infinite steps and solutions and that can often be puzzling. You need a clear mind to prepare for a life overseas.

We got you covered there! Here is a list of points you must consider before you fly out for good, no matter what folks around suggest. See this as a checklist – some to be ticked before you take off, and some after you land.

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Choose the country wisely to study abroad

The opportunities extended in a country you eye may be promising… but that should not be the only factor flying you out. Multiple facets need to be factored in before you zero in on a singular country.

Research the culture, language, communities, and the country’s relationship with your home country. Then, see if you will be comfortable with it. It can get lonely in a distant country. Having comfortable corners and locations to visit and easy amenities can ease your settling.

It also helps if you familiarize yourself with the language and culture beforehand.


This must be a priority the moment you finalize your destination country. Be meticulous with your passports and visas. Check their expiry and time them well. Paperwork crops up as a challenge if not taken care of earlier, even between semesters, which can mess with your timeline.


Explore your choices for shelter beforehand. The best idea is always to stay near your university. But if it isn’t feasible, check the means of commuting – weigh the costs both ways and choose the option which saves time if there’s hardly any difference, otherwise, prefer the one that saves bucks.

Keep your finances in place

Read up on the foreign exchange system in your destination country. Sketch your monthly 

expenses and stick to a tight budget. Start saving before you fly out – it will help with extra exchange.

Keep your bank in the loop of your plan and check for easy exchange systems and make sure it is always in place.


Pack only what you will need there. If you are travelling from a warmer to a colder region, you need not carry woolens in bulk. The woolens in your warm home country are unlikely to help in frigid temperatures. Always purchase locally to avoid reactions.

Save the baggage weight and carry the essentials.


Research well. Check the shape of the plugs, the presence of the brand you use, 

and its configuration. Servicing your gadgets should be easy.

When you travel, pack enough medicines for 2-3 months. You may not find the same drugs everywhere, so it may be a while till you fully understand the health system. Consult your home doctor and have a backup till you find someone to trust there.

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Registration with the government

Legalize your stay. Register with the foreign government. Keep up with the various rules in both countries. This is to keep a record with the home as well as the foreign government.


Find part-time employment to keep you engaged and add to your experience. This is a brilliant way to get exposure to the country’s lifestyle and, of course, to truly make you self-dependent.

Stay healthy

Anxiety is no stranger in a new environment. Don’t let your body succumb to these challenges. Develop a healthy diet and routine that suits you.

Remember, you’re there to prove yourself. You can’t perform if you keep falling sick.


Keep yourself hydrated. Get enough sleep. And stay in touch with your family. Take your time to build a life you can call yours.

Step out for walks and familiarize yourself with the locality. The quicker you get comfortable, the more at ease you can be, and the easier it will be to take care of yourself.

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The last word:

No matter how promising the exotic world looks, it can be challenging to get used to it… even if it is what you chose. Don’t let anything get to your head. Take one day at a time. Develop a self-care routine. Give time for new bonds and let yourself be. Get comfortable with your own company. And lastly, let yourself be!


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